02 February 2004

East Bay Home and Design

February 2004
"Faux finishes are truly appealing" by Kristine M. Carber

My work in this historic Diablo, CA home is featured in East Bay Home and Design magazine. In this entry the I painted the checkerboard floor by adjusting the size and shape of each diamond, just a bit, to compensate for an extremely crooked hallway. The house's original faux bois finishes were also cleaned and restored and in some places re-created to match the original.

photo by by Bernardo Grijalva


  1. Hi Lynne, thanks for the inspiration from your beautiful wooden floor with checkerboard faux. I have an old pinewood floor from the late 1800's in desperate need of re-finishing: old varnish is damaged, dirty wash water has stained some areas, other rooms are painted and chipped. I do want to save the floorboards with a sanding. The goal is to have a dark brown/black floor with a matt finish - "olde world" style, "worn-in" may be ok. Some rooms will have faux patterns others only dark (perhaps a combi with a border in dark and then faux in center). Read your article about cerused oak - a no-no for pine, and staining/dying you write also no-no ... so do you have another idea I could work with to create a magical depth to my floors ... or is painting the only way? Any links /articles would be appreciated as I have been extremely impressed with your blog and your quality of articles. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and I am so happy you enjoy my blog! It seems to me you need a decorative artist to consult with you about your floor and other ideas. it would be difficult for me to advise you from such a distance. But I have a great colleague in Denmark names Susan Arnild. She is a wonderful painter- maybe you can look her up! susanarnild (a) hotmail.com


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