27 July 2007

SALI conventioneers invade local studios

A group of SALI members in Lynne Rutter's Studio, July 2007

Last week the Stencil Artisan's League held its annual convention in the San Francisco Airport Hyatt. I'd never attended such a convention before, and as it was local to me, I signed up for some classes being taught by Lucretia Moroni and Tania Seabock, and dragged my arse to Burlingame at 8 am every morning. I had a lot of fun, met a number of nice painters from all over the world, and got no sleep for 6 days straight.

Lisa Làzàr and I planned a progressive studio tour for some of the visitors for Friday night. Around 7 PM a boisterous group of artists showed up at my hastily cleaned up Dogpatch studio, where Vera greeted them with Salvadoran food and tequila.
Among the artists in attendance: Sheri Hoeger, Ryan Hoeger, Jeff Raum, Pat Ganino, Mike and Matt from Creative Evolution, Tom McPherson, Ian and Tania Seabock, Lisa Wolfin, Cleta Grant, Kathy vanGogh, Arlene Mcloughlin, Mimi, Margo, Sass Lassley, Bruce Thalman, Pamela Hernandez, Anne Halaby, Elena Ortega, Heather, Stacy Carney, Pat Strong, Kristen Lerner, Kristin McNeill...

We then carpooled over to West Oakland where Lisa runs the scenic studio for the Berkeley Repertory Theater : her amazing shop is housed in a 25 gazillion square foot zeppelin hangar, clean, well organized, stocked with every tool you could imagine.

Afterwards part of the group wound up at the DNA lounge for some after hours dancing. whew!

03 July 2007

Miss July

I'm featured as July's "Artist of the Month" over at LearntoFaux.com, a website providing educational resources and social networking for the decorative painting obsessed.

Check out the bio they posted for me, as well as their other features, such the ArtSpace: a myspace-styled profile for decorative artists, attached to the popular and informative Faux Forum.