Diego's big close-up

"Diego" giant blue and gold Macaw parrot, painted by Lynne Rutter for the New Spot, San Francisco. 10 x 13' acrylic on canvas.

While visiting the Urban Farmer this afternoon, I noticed a giant parrot on the cover of the 96 Hours weekend insert of the San Francisco Chronicle.

A nice review of the New Spot, for whom I painted this mural, is featured, along with some other good pictures.


How to attract paparazzi...

1. show up late
2. wear a turban
(also handy to cover that sweaty "i just worked all day" hair)
3. pick up flute of champagne on the way in, completely ignoring the bank of photographers that are by now following you
4. hook arms with the tallest, best looking guy you can find: in this case, Rob Delameter of Lost Art Salon

Here is my exceedingly rare appearance on the society page
"signature look" translation = "we don't get it"

circa 1920 Chinese robe from Torso Vintages
turban by Kathleen Crowley

Photo by Drew Altizer\


Vintage Laundry

Lynne Rutter's Vintage Laundry, at the  SF Decorator Showcase

I've recently designed a room for the 2007 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, which is being held in the spectacular house at 2901 Broadway, a 1927 neoclassical mansion in near- original state.
A wonderful example of passive preservation, the house's original laundry room had never been painted, or really cleaned, as far as I could tell. The walls are raw plaster and the giant double enamel sinks are in perfect condition.

So I designed the room as a sort of a valentine, to what this house used to be, and to the era in which it was built. It could almost be 19th century Europe, except with reliable electricity, and prohibition.

My assistants and I hand-washed 80 years worth of filth off of the walls and ceiling, exposing a lovely lime plaster finish with a natural patina. We stripped the old wax off the concrete floor, cleaned it, and painted a matte faux marbre finish; we also restored the dark painted finish of the 12 foot long solid redwood work table.
The opaque window glass was changed out to clear, revealing an amazing view of the bay. An ugly water heater heater was disguised with a folding screen, custom built by Chris Yerke, and painted with neoclassical motifs and singerie painted by Lynne Rutter with help from Adrian Card.  All we needed now was a period sewing machine and a hand-made low-tech wooden drying rack from Amish Home Place.

The fun part of course is the laundry itself- lots of vintage 1920's lingerie, all in ivory silk and lace,  with the styling help of Erika von Petrin; and a collection of period linens, many of which belonged to my grandmother, Jane Coley Kittredge, whose bright coral wedding ensemble is also peeking out of the mending basket.

The showcase is open to the public through May 28, 2007.

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photo by David Papas.