Nursery Room Mural in SF Chronicle

July 31, 2005
San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
This wonderful children's room mural, commissioned by Sharmin and Brian Bock, is featured in the article "Room to Grow: Decorating, kid style" by Jane Meredith Adams.
The mural transformed a tiny, dark space into a cheery, open meadow, and features a portrait of Sharmin's horse painted onto the closet door as part of a trompe l'oeil "stable."
More than 8 years after it was painted, this room is still used as a playroom for the family's two children.


Period Homes double feature!

By some coincidence, we are highlighted in two articles in the same March, 2005 issue of Period Homes Magazine.

"Home is Where the Art Is: Residential Murals" by Nicole V. Gagne featuring a trompe l'oeil bas-relief Egyptian passageway mural painted for a client in Novato, CA.

"The Fifth Wall: Options for Decorating a Ceiling" by Martha McDonald - all about ornamenting the ceilings of your home.