13 December 2010

Barbra Streisand's Arts and Crafts Library

Barbra Streisand's Greene and Greene inspired Library
A couple of years ago I had the distinct pleasure of working with Barbra Streisand in her Malibu home.   My commission was for a mural in the Greene and Greene-inspired Library, reproducing a frieze of  rose branches painted by Charles Greene in the Thorsen House in Berkeley.
Detail of rose branches painted by Lynne Rutter
As with the Thorsen original, the frieze is painted in oils on canvas and glued to the walls on site.  Each branch of roses was composed for the exact spot in the room and many details were added on site to achieve a perfect balance with the handcrafted woodwork and the atmospheric lighting.
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Ms. Streisand was utterly involved with every detail of this amazing house, and has just published a book chronicling this work called "My Passion for Design."
There are huge color photos of each room, each decorated in a different historic style, including details, painted finishes, custom wallpaper, antiques, and commentary on the immersive process required to complete her dream home.  The book itself is an incredible document to her passion and tenacity.  
Equally fascinating are the detailed shots of the antique rose varieties blooming in the garden. 
Now that the book is published,  I am proud to share my contribution to this unique period-inspired interior.
The soaring ceiling of the library, with frieze mural by Lynne Rutter
fun with iridescence!

In addition to the mural I also painted a set of custom tiles to create the look of volcanic glass mosaic, which were initially meant for the fireplace, but instead became a set of coasters.

<--- one of a set of faux volcanic mosaic tiles painted by Lynne Rutter for Barbra Steisand.

A detailed description of how I painted these tiles is recorded in this previous post.

all photos in this post © by Lynne Rutter   
except book cover image via amazon.com


  1. So cool! Envious that you got to wok with her! She is my favorite singer! I think I would have been very nervous to have worked for her though as I would expect her to be heavily involved and a perfectionist. And may I say beautiful work as always!

  2. That looks nice!

    On a side note- when we first moved to L.A., waiting for the closing on our house, we lived in a little guest house on her street -had the key to the private beach and everything!

  3. What a wonder it must be to read in that beautiful place...
    Arts and Craft is such a fantastic style!

  4. How cool, Lynne!

    It must have been hard to not speak about it. I bet working there was quite the experience.

    Beautiful work, as always!


  5. The painted panels are particularly beautiful, a nice accent with all the wood.

  6. Thanks, DC, Scott, Ann, cicalisa, for the kind words. yes my inner fan was squealing the first few hours on site but fortunately I had a great design to work with and a lovely, serene room in a lovely place.

  7. how gorgeous is this library? Very atmospheric and your mural adds a touch of whimsy and softness to the space. I love it.

    Have a very great Christmas and may the coming year be filled with more colour, more laughter and more joy for you and your family.

  8. What can I say? Those art works are fantastic. I love the design of the house. The woods and their colors compliment each other.


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