28 July 2009

simple design = big change!

sketch for silhouette mural: run spot run!
I recently completed a deceptively simple silhouette mural, for a veterinary ophthalmology practice in San Francisco. This mural is designed for a bumpy, angled, and very long hallway wall.
the hallway before (L) , and with its new base color of blue
For an assignment like this the two most important things are a good drawing, and the right color.The wall "before" was stark white, in an uneven 36 foot long sloping hallway. Work in progress: Just painting the wall blue had a tremendous impact on this space.
bulldog and horse see eye to eye!
The client asked that the design feature a variety of animals, emphasize the importance of sight, as well as show interaction between the animals and their human companions.
Here are some more details:

Kathy explaining derivatives to her hound
the great butterfly hunt!
Finished mural as seen from the reception area

Both the reception area and the hall now have a nice view!

You can see this mural in person at the office of Veterinary Vision in San Francisco.


Theresa Cheek said...

You summed it up.....it IS all about color and design. I think you gave them much more than they expected! It reminds me of 40's children's book illustrations. Love it.

Fauxology said...

Loving this, Lynne!

stencil helen said...

This is lovely, contemporary with a nostalgic feel to it. Very cool.

Jenny said...

I love this mural! So detailed and so elegantly simple. Wish I could walk down the hall a couple of times!

Lynne Rutter said...

thanks, all. it was a bit of a brain teaser to include so many animals without getting cluttered. but i love a challenge!

les peintures de Marion said...

Your blog is an inspiration for me.thank you

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