Portrait of the Artist as an Artist

in my studio on a sunny day
It is an unusual thing for me to talk more about my creative process rather than my business.   So I am truly honored to be featured as Artist of the Month at Sinopia Pigments.   Sinopia is one of those rare and wonderful shops that specializes in pigments and raw materials for artmaking, and is particularly popular with anachronistic painters like myself.   Many other fascinating artist profiles are posted in Sinopia's artist pages. My heartfelt thanks to Alex for including me among such illustrious company.



  1. Congratulations on well-deserved recognition. Your studio looks ideal for projects great and small!

    1. thanks, Mark. yes the studio is pretty great. nice high ceilings and lots of light!

  2. Congratulations, Lynne - you deserve all the recognition you get and more. One quick glimpse on your site can make a person swoon with desire to have you paint life onto their walls!

  3. What a lovely studio. Hope many more lovely things be created in it.


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