09 February 2011

Islamic Inlaid Ornament

Turkish Gamesboard, center ornament
During an all too brief visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, I was completely rapt by some wood and ivory inlaid pieces.  
Backgammon board detail
A 16th century Ottoman gamesboard, spectacularly decorated with inlaid patterns in ebony, ivory, micromosaic and silver.

I love how the side elements have the look of an architectural arcade.
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Anglo-Indian fall-front cabinet, side view
Indian Fall-Front Cabinet, circa 1650-1670, rosewood inlaid with ivory.  
detail of inlaid ivory ornament
Details in the ornament are created by incising lines in the ivory, then rubbing black lacquer into the grooves. 

You can learn more about these two pieces (with more pictures) at the LACMA website, in the Islamic Art section.

photos in this post by Lynne Rutter, February, 2011
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  1. where have I been? I love these images. Those colors are such a timeless palette.

  2. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing


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