13 March 2009

The latest FAD in Tokyo

No, I am not talking about Gothic-Lolita fashion!
stencils taped to the window create a lovely surrounding for a presentation
While in Tokyo last week, I had the opportunity to pay a visit to fellow decorative painter Yaeko Kurimata, of F.A.D. Faux Arts Design.

I met Yaeko  at the SALI convention in San Francisco, and again in Chicago last summer where she demonstrated her talent and expertise at the International Decorative Painting Salon. In addition to being a fantastic artist, she is also a teacher and successful entrepreneur with a thriving business in commercial interiors.
When she heard I was coming to Tokyo, Yaeko-san invited me to participate as guest speaker at a "World of Decorative Paint Introduction" she was giving to major design firm. What an honor to be included as the "out of town expert!"   A dull employee lounge was transformed with FAD's many gorgeous samples and stencils on the walls and windows, creating a beautiful environment for this presentation.
Yaeko explains decorative painting to a group of professional designers
beautiful stencil sample by FAD
Yeako-san gave a thorough talk about the possibilities and advantages of faux painting. I especially liked that she had 5 unique samples all made with the same stencil, to demonstrate how different a pattern can look depending on the materials or colors used.

Yaeko-san translating for me.  At least I hope she is.
The design group was interested to know what is  trending in American decor, and I asked the designers about their color preferences (they are liking earth colors, and pastels) and we briefly discussed how color trends and choices vary with light and location. 

FAD's busy design studio- by Tokyo standards, this is a huge space.
I was then treated to an amazing sushi lunch, and we spent the rest of the day talking shop and taking care of business at the large and busy FAD studios. What a wonderful day with an inspiring, energetic, and accomplished woman!

Later in the week, Erling and I made the trek out to the aptly named Tokyo Big Sight and the huge GEISAI event, to see some of the work of Akira Ishiguro, a member of the FAD team of artisans. His latest paintings take the "ideal beauties" painted by Ingres to another level, by substituting anime Manga girls with big eyes and elongated figures, for the (equally impossible) goddess-like figures of the early 19th century European ideal. They were beautifully painted and, he sold all of them. Congratulations, Akira-san!

Yaeko Kurimata will be demonstrating as a participant at Salon this April in Bergamo, Italy, and teaching some of her special techniques at the 2009 IDAL Convention in Memphis TN in July.

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  1. Oh, what a great experience for you! I have so much admiration for Yaeko's talents and she is such a lovely person. Her work is very special. Thanks for sharing.


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