19 July 2008

Marvelous books from Editions Vial

I seem to have amassed a considerable library, the majority (by volume) of which are design and architectural books. A large number of the most amazing and useful décor books in my library come from the French publisher, Editions H. Vial.

I have hunted these books which are, with rare exception, inexplicably unavailable via the "usual" US outlets, but I have had the good fortune of acquiring a number of them in person, at the fabulous bookstore of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and at the recent Chicago gathering of the International Salon of Decorative Painters, where Vial premiered the new (bilingual) book of decorative painting techniques by master trompe l'oeil artist  Michel Nadaï.

Michel was good enough to inscribe a copy of his book for me.

Michel Nadai's book as well as many others in Vial's catalogue are available in the U.S. through  Pierre Finklestein's on-line shop.


some my favorites are:

Art and Techniques of Grottesque
Identifying Marble
Decoration de Bois et Marbres
Chefs d'OEvre des Marqueteurs
Modeles de Peinture Polychrome sur Meubles
Meubles et Décors Peints
Painting the Van der Kellen WayImitations et décors à l'école Van der kelen   from the prestigious Van der Kelen Institut supérieur de peinture.



  1. What wonderful books indeed - I am also a book fanatic, but mostly academic books - I get shivers looking at the rows of elegant Loebs from Harvard University Press, and the understated navy and gold of Oxford University Press spines... Extremely dorky of me, I know! Recently I have been acquiring rows of Patrick O'Brian novels - perhaps not quite so lofty!

  2. There is also "editions eyrolles"


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