09 July 2010


Fauxology, the marvelous blog written by  the effervescent Regina Garay,  is today featuring an exposé of yours truly,  with big, color pictures.
And while you are there have a good look around her blog, it's full of great useful information and inspiration from Regina's work, her library, and the other artists she has gathered there.
Thanks Regina, for this flattering entrée into the world of Fauxology!

image:  self-portrait in the Unteres Belvedere: Goldenes Zimmer   Vienna, Austria


  1. My pleasure! I adore profiling artists of your caliber...and thank *you* for the beautiful post mention. So surprised and tickled pink.

  2. I really enjoyed Regina's post.

    And I need to tell you that the photo of you is the best I've ever seen!

    Happy Painterly Cloud teaching in Portland! Some fabulous teachers there!


  3. An amazing totally appropriate photo, Lynne! I am your fan!


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