21 October 2008

Library Children's Room Mural completed!

Sierra as Melisande
We recently completed a sizable  mural for the Children's Room in the Burlingame Public Library. I am so thrilled with the transformation of this space!
The mural was commissioned by the Burlingame Library Foundation to commemorate the centennial celebration of the Library.
My goal was to create a look that appears original to the room, as though it's always been there. Indeed it is hard to imagine the room without the paintings.
the entire room was treated as part of the mural
The North "main" mural wall is about 37 feet wide and the ceilings are 20 feet high. The first 5 feet of the walls are filled with bookcases, so all of the murals had to be painted with perspective from below eye-level.
There is a large metal grate and a little maintenance door in this wall, that I worked into the design, so the architecture became part of the composition of the mural.
small maintenance door transformed into a secret castle entrance
I had a lot of fun re-imagining this little door area, to make it an entrance to a castle, or possibly, another world.
Faraway Castles, approx. 9 feet wide
mice and faeries among the poppies
We added images all around the room, so the room becomes a story, its walls the pages of a favorite book.  Details like tiny faeries, mice, and California poppies become more noticeable when you get up close.
read a book!

Centennial Mural story in San Mateo Times
Bay Area Art Quake review by Phil Gravitt!

My thanks to:
Burlingame Library Foundation for their support and this amazing commission
the Burlingame Librarians for all their research and enthusiasm
interior design consultant Michelle Nelson
I would especially like to acknowledge the contributions of my associates Sierra Helvey and Melka Myers who were instrumental in the design and production of this project.


  1. My favorite thing to do as a child was go to the library - and it was an ugly modern building with no character. I loved the smell of it though.

    If I had had a place like this to go to, I would have been in sheer heaven and it would have been hard to get me out of there.

    Its sooooooo beautiful!

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