Grotesque Obsession: Uffizi Revisited

Here is a beautiful video of one of my favorite spots in Florence, featuring the grottesca ceilings in the East Corridor of the Uffizi.

Last year, while touring the Uffizi by wheelchair (being dutifully pushed by my butler)  I noticed my perspective of the ceiling was different, wider.  Erling gave me his video camera and we tried making a slow tracking shot of the corridor ceilings.  That didn't work very well because every time we rolled over a seam in the marble floor the camera jostled.

We returned, several times, and Erling shot the ceiling again using a handheld gimbal.  And then he edited this lovely video and added some music from his opera A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil.  Thank you, Maestro!

Video and music by Erling Wold
Uffizi East Corridor Ceilings   Read more about these painted ceilings in this previous post:
A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil   a chamber opera by Erling Wold


  1. Magnifique! Merci pour la vidéo.

  2. I see why you like this. The ceilings are beautiful!

  3. Great. I love the way the actual gallery sounds at the beginning are like the sounds one hears in an auditorium just as the orchestra starts to tune up.

    Also, those images are so interesting - the way each one is distinct - floating in a sea of creamy white. The figures look so delicate compared to so many others that look muscular.

    1. yes I just cannot take my eyes off them, and I return again and again to study all the details!


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