Looking Forward

Palazzo Corsini, Florence photo by Lynne Rutter
I am appreciating everything, even as my eyes get used to the dark.  In my head I am still 24 years old and running through the doorway to see what's around the corner, while the more mature me fumbles with my camera to be ready for it.


  1. Your comments on the dichotomy of aging and its many bedfellows strikes a chord, but more like Charles Ives than like Mozart. My inner child wants to scamper and play, but the body of that child has other tales to tell. Thank you for your childlike evocation, the wonders and the delight at which it hints, and the beauty you communicate in your all too infrequent and wonderful Blogs. So much for red wine on Sunday evening.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your musical comparison is an apt one!

  2. Joli commentaire pour ce endroit magnifique.


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