28 August 2013

Choosing Paint Colors

Peter B's inspiring collection of paint samples
Visiting Peter B's home-in-progress, I found this gorgeous display of samples he had collected prior to meeting with me.  This vignette told me so much about his preferences --by what was there as well as what was not there - it made the color consultation for his house much easier.   The people I work with are often so inspiring!

Choosing colors can be frustrating and subjective (how do you know when you have it "right?") because colors can affect us emotionally.  Don't feel bad if you need help navigating this!  There is a science to creating a pleasing palette that works in architecture; just as in designing a palette for a mural or a work of art;  the skills involved are very similar.

Color Consulting by Lynne Rutter  415-282-8820

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  1. I like the colors, too. Along with that timeless lamp design, they have a very retro feel. The colors of your own blog header fit right in, so he's obviously chosen the right designer!


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