19 October 2012

Vienna on my mind

Interior of Peterskirche, Wien
In December the Maestro has a commission for the Klagenfurter Ensemble premiering on December 6.  Hmmm, what a lovely ulterior motive to have Christmas in Austria. Even better, one of my oldest friends is coming all the way from New Zealand to meet us there!
I'm looking forward to a great big shot of Baroque inspiration, with lots and lots of gold leaf...
So here are a couple of moments in the beautiful Peterskirche in Vienna.
anamorphic trompe l'oeil dome over the altar
This fabulous confection was designed by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt and features a dome and interior by Matthias Steinl filled with marble, stuc-marmor, painted faux marbre, carved figural pews, and plenty of gilding - as well as plenty of trompe l'oeil gilding. The painted decor and murals by Johann Michael Rottmayr replaced earlier efforts by Andrea Pozzo. (Can you can believe that?) 

photos in this post by Lynne Rutter, Vienna, 2007
click on images to view larger
more nice images of the Peterskirche
Uksus  Kammeroper von Erling Wold: opens December 6, 2012 in Klagenfurt, Austria


  1. What great plans for Christmas (I wish I could fit into your suitcase and hitch a ride)! I think I like the trompe l'oeil gilding even better than the real thing! That rosette in the upper right of the second photo is a real inspiration.

  2. Truly magnificent! Sigh.....(nuff said)

    So wish I could have made your fabulous Sinopia workshop! Hope you have it again, I won't miss it next time. Have a fabulous time in Austria!


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