24 March 2010

awakening from that Blogger nightmare

For months now blogger has not been working properly on my site. They recently announced they will no longer be supporting FTP sites (blogs hosted by people like me on their own websites).
So I have "migrated" it now and with the help of Dr Wold it seems to be working.

It may take some time to repair busted links, etc. Search feature isn't working at all. rats.

If you wish to link to this blog or any part of it, please use http://www.ornamentalist.net


  1. It sure loads faster now!

  2. DEAR O-

    Good luck with everything.
    Blogger hell, indeed.

    What if one day Google decided to close BLOGGER...we would not exist. What a weird though.

    I guess we would all migrate to FACEBOOK...where arll the designers and bloggers are now popping up.
    Be of good cheer. Onward and upward.
    cheers to you, DIANE

  3. oh, dear! I hope Google won't pull the rug out from under us, but all the same I am looking into Wordpress and other programs that I can host on my own site.
    It IS nice to see the design community using the internet more! It can be a brilliant resource.

  4. Bravo, good job... load faster in France too :))
    See you next week madame !

  5. I'll check my links to you on return from Salon.
    Your'e not there by any chance are you?

  6. ah ladies how i wish i was going to versailles this week. but a previous engagement (cough) is keeping me in san francisco. please say hello to all the artists in the palace atelier for me and feel free to drunk dial me at any hour!!


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