Turquoise- the color of the year

Erling's turquoise straw fedora

Colors seem to go in and out of fashion so much faster than I'd like. Of course I never tire of a color that I love, further, I feel it's really the combination of colors that makes them appealing or trendy (or not) and not just a single hue.

A New Year, and time once again for the experts to announce the "Color of the Year" which for 2010 is to be turquoise: a bright color full of possibilities and which works well to jazz up a variety of palettes. You'd be surprised how well it works with black, oxblood red, and even lavender.

I am pretty wild about these cobalt turquoise pigments available from Enkaustikos and from Sinopia (right).

Golden Artist Colors makes a brilliant cobalt turquoise acrylic paint; I used copious amounts of it in one of my recent projects.

further reading!
  • Rather nice discussions of color from Ellen Kennon
  • Have a look at this charming blog "House of Turquoise" for thousands of lovely images featuring this favorite color.
  • Interesting "Color Futures" PDF brochure, from AzkoNobel features some new palette idea for 2010.
  • Sherwin-Williams has an informative color site with a lot of nice examples.

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  1. How interesting to discover your lovely blog, and then to scroll down through the posts and see that you mention House of Turquoise. She recently posted a photo of my blue velvet sofa!
    I love this interconnected web.
    I look forward to visiting your blog again.


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