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Can these new iPhone applications save me lugging around giant paint color fan decks? We shall see!

This week the internet is all abuzz with news of a new iPhone application ben® Color Capture™ - developed for "ben" by Benjamin Moore, that allows you to snap a picture of whatever inspiring beauty you see, then match moments in that photo to the more than 3,300 colors in Benjamin Moore’s range. The application will be available for free download beginning June 1.

Fans of SuperPaint will rejoice that Sherwin-Williams has its own interactive iPhone app called ColorSnap™ which is available for free download now. It identifies colors in your images, and suggests palette colors surrounding them, and will even give you the RGB code of each color for web use.

For you advanced color players there are even more options - beyond paint!

Color Expert,
from Code Line Communications, uses an interactive color wheel displays color sets in various schemes including monochromatic, complementary, analogous, split complementary and triadic, which update as you drag a finger across it. You can also view a variety of color palettes, find hex codes for RGB values, look up HTML named colors, Web-safe palettes, etc., and then email your designer friends with your inspired finds! This one is $9.99

Palettes, by Ricky Maddy, can analyze a photo, web URL, or any other image, and offer a breakdown of its colors into a pleasing looking palette. $9.99 for this app, or free for the "lite" version.

For me these applications are not quite sensitive or accurate enough for picking colors but they are interesting for working out palette decisions. Looks like I will be eye-matching my paint for a while to come.

Images courtesy Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams

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  1. Hooray! Thanks Lynne for being giddy over this!

  2. Wow! Thanks for that info! I cant wait to use it.......for something! Im sure I'll be able to use it for something!

    Teals.......thats it.......teal

  3. that's pretty cool. i would think that it might work well for a first draft.

  4. I'm so happy I have an iphone. THANKS.

  5. Lynn
    this is great information, thank you , both these companies have been working and improving this feature because they have had earlier versions for sometime but only available online
    Now I have to get an I phone lol
    and your blog is very nice, Be sure to capitalize the "I" tho (jk)

  6. Sorry ,
    I guess i should use my blogger account, Yes I have another blog lol

  7. Technology is really getting good if this really works! As a matter of fact I'm getting an I-phone for my birthday! Thanks for your comment!


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