23 April 2017

The Salon- Art Deco in New York City

 In which we are both humbled and inspired...

Pascal Amblard's portrait of fellow painter Sean Crosby

I just returned from New York City, where I participated in the annual confabulation of decorative painters known simply as  "the Salon."  Decorative painters from 18 different countries came together to share their work and techniques with each other and the public.  This year's hosts Arlene McLaughlin and Jeanne Schnupp, chose the theme of Art Deco, a style of decor and architecture inextricably linked with the city of New York.

The exhibition showcases outstanding examples of imitation wood and marble, murals, lettering, gilding, wallpaper design, and trompe l'oeil.  Less visible is the affinity  between these artists and the friendships developed over the years that go well beyond professional camaraderie.

Nowhere was this bond more beautifully expressed than in this mural (left) featuring a portrait of New York artist Sean Crosby painted by his longtime friend and collaborator, Pascal Amblard of France. For a number of reasons this painting had a great emotional impact on me and pretty much everyone else at the Salon.

Karl Groissenberger (Austria) tribute to the Wiener Werkstätte
Austrian painter Karl Groissenberger designed a show-stopper of a panel which celebrates the birth of Modernism in Austria from the Wiener Werkstätte, who for a time also had a shop on 5th Ave in New York. Iconic designs from Josef Hoffman and others are displayed in a blonde walnut art deco bookcase. Along with those shoes.  Those shoes I adore!

Here is but a sampling of some of the great work our international colleagues exhibited this year:

Barre Verkerke (Netherlands) faux marbre with metallic frame and lettering 

detail of a trompe l'oeil piece by Julien Gautier (France)
Exhibit showing work from Tina Davis (USA/Italy) and Lynne Rutter (USA)
Helen Morris (England)  stenciled skyscrapers!
Spectacular faux marbre and lettering by Kristoffer Hermansson (Sweden)
Cathy Chiavaro  (USA)  look closely at the cityscape
Friederike Schulz (Germany) painted a classic deco-era German wallpaper design
Petr Dashchenko (Russia) A superb tribute to Soviet-era Art Deco.
Detail of painting by Stefano Luca (Italy)
glossy book jackets painted by Valerie Naulleau (France)
A gargoyle of the Chrysler Building framed in faux bois/marbre by Gert-Jan Nijsse (Netherlands) 

Next year the Salon travels to Leeuwarden, Friesland, in the Netherlands.

photos in this post by Lynne Rutter
Many more images of this year's Salon can be found at Salon NYC 2017 on Facebook