22 April 2010


A splendid corner bit, from a ceiling at the MAK, Vienna. 

 photo by Lynne Rutter, Vienna, Austria 2008
click on image to view much larger.

14 April 2010

Florentine Furniture Painting Workshop

In which we learn the traditional Florentine methods for decorating furniture and cabinetry,  in my studio in San Francisco, California!

Florentine Furniture Painting 
Four Day Course  July 2010
instructor:  Alison Woolley
hand-painted dresser by Alison Woolley of FlorenceArt.net

The techniques taught in this four day course are useful for creating some very special accent furniture pieces, cabinetry, or unique art panels, and a distinct addition to your portfolio. This class will also serve as an introduction for those who wish to learn how to restore antiques, or do conservation or decoration work for old houses.
You will learn a variety of techniques to decorate wooden surfaces which come from the historical tradition of decorators working in the artisan district of Florence, Italy. This craft developed its many rich facets over many centuries, starting with the decoration for churches and altar panels in the 13th century and continuing on to the present day. Decorators perfected techniques for decorating wooden surfaces, gilding them and coloring them with a rich variety of designs and finishes. 

Class projects
~ Create a wooden panel decorated with techniques for Italian and French country style painted furniture. 
~Additional wooden moldings with antique furniture finishes
~ Stencils and tracings are supplied. Example panels to work from are also supplied.
    Topics and Techniques covered:
    ~ Design and transfer techniques for historical styles of ornament
    ~ Techniques for decorating wooden frames, furniture, and cabinetry using traditional materials such as casein, gesso, bole, varnish, and wax.
    ~ Historic painting techniques for creating Italian and French country style painted  furniture
    ~ Techniques used in restoration of antique furniture and frames
    ~ Antiquing and patina techniques for creating a genuine, softly aged finish.

    A hand-painted kitchen hutch by FlorenceArt.net
    Sgraffito and gilding samples by Alison Woolley of FlorenceArt.net
    Special  half day seminar:
    Florentine Decorative Gilding Techniques
    A combination of demonstrations and hands-on exercises showing traditional water gilding techniques and decorative techniques for gilded surfaces. Useful for people who would like to either work with these techniques, do small repairs to gilded antiques, or simply wish to have a better understanding and appreciation of how antique and contemporary gilded frames and furniture are decorated.

    Alison Woolley has been a practicing artisan in Florence for  over 20 years. She developed her craft working for many years in several well known botteghe or workshops of Florence, before opening  her own studio.

    These classes were held in 2010.

    We hope to host Alison at Lynne Rutter studio again soon.

    Please contact Lynne for information about this or future classes, or see the "classes" page for more information about workshops offered in San Francisco.

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