15 December 2009

A Feast for the Eyes

If there is anything a decorative artist might love more than beautiful picture books, it's good food.
So, a group of 11 fellow painters and I have assembled a collection of inspiring images from travels and observations with the camera, as well as a few shots of our own work, and mixed them together with our favorite recipes to make a unique little cookbook called A Feast for the Eyes: Memorable Recipes and Images from Decorative Artists.

Our self-published book is a nimble little 7"x7" volume featuring 21 of our favorite recipes, and 51 inspiring color photographs collected from all over the world: from Indiana to China, from Florence, Italy to Orinda, California.
The variety of recipes and the easy preparation of each dish makes this a useful book to keep handy, and the treasury of photographs will give you a thrill even when you are not cooking.

A Feast for the Eyes is currently available through the Blurb.com Bookstore.


  1. I just happened upon your blog while searching for creative bedrooms - I LOVE what you did with the blank room and the green rug. The wall murals are just the type of thing I'm looking to mimic. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Design Inspiration will feature your new book in the next few days. I wrote the post within minutes of looking through the pages on the preview, it'a lovely looking book and I hope that lots of people buy it.

  3. Lynne - JUST received your book. It's so beautiful with gorgeous images and I love the glossy cover! I'm picking it as the Fauxology book of the month. I'll let you know when the post is going up. :)


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