15 March 2008

Gilt highlights

I found this very sweet little trompe l'oeil molding with gilt highlights, in a small passageway of the Hofburg, next to the Empress Sisi's novel indoor convenience. It mimics the grander gilt plaster ornament in the adjoining apartments.

Click on the images to view larger.
This is very simply painted, and the highlights are gilt with a lemon-colored gold leaf. Notice the burnt sienna accents which create reflected highlights. In this tiny dim hallway, this trompe l'oeil is perfectly scaled and very effective.
photos by Lynne Rutter, 2007


  1. lovely. thanks for the decent size image too!

  2. Well, it fooled me. I had to read your entry twice because it looks like real plaster. Just beautiful.

  3. Nice .....fun!


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