31 May 2015

Pascal Amblard: preparing for the Mural Master Class

digital sketch by Pascal Amblard, with references from Tieoplo

Posted here, a series of sketches, which Pascal Amblard has been making to get students thinking about designs for the  Mural Master Class painting intensive coming up in July 2017.  This unique  class will allow the participating artists to research, design and paint a full size mural from start to finish, with assistance and guidance from Pascal.

digital sketch by Pascal Amblard, with scenes from Italy

Pascal says: "After more than 25 years in this business I am finally organizing a "start from scratch" class.  It is certainly the most valuable learning situation for students, and the most difficult for a teacher. I will of course prepare this class very carefully, I have already  spent quite a few hours on it~ but on day one, hour one, instead of starting to play a well mapped out part,  I will start improvising with you!   I know in which key we will play and what note to use or to avoid but I will be open to your ideas and suggestions. I will show you how I myself compose, mixing computer and centuries-old techniques.

Digital sketch by Pascal Amblard

We will share and experience together in what is so rarely taught: how do we get from a blank piece of wall to a spectacular, harmonious and desirable mural composition.

"Once the composition is set we will use projectors, possibly some free-hand drawing as well.  Then we will paint, and I will teach you the techniques I have used and refined through hundreds of murals.
As we have a lot of working space, we will do this on a grand scale.  Each person will have room to work comfortably.
"A good mural painter has to know about a few  topics : skies, landscapes / trees, architecture / perspective , figures / draperies , objects / still lives.  Besides composing a large and complex mural, the point of this class is also to cover  all these fields."
Tiepolo-inspired digital sketch  by Pascal Amblard
'The inspiration for this course is Giovanni Battista  and Domenico Tiepolo.  These painters were in exactly the same business as we are: dealing with commissions, clients, deadlines, a need for efficiency and precise schedule. The way they paint is beautiful and technically very sound, so, instead of one teacher you will have all of us.'
Tiepolo-inspired  mural design, painted by Pascal Amblard
Come prepared with elements you'd like to include in your mural:  figures, gardens, landscape, architectural details, animals, fancy hats....   You will learn how to compose the design of the mural prior in advance of painting.  Then you will practice efficient techniques for painting at a large scale, along with architectural perspective,  atmospheric perspective, color work,  and techniques for painting trees, landscape, water, sky, stone, and marble.

Venetian style mural, digital sketch by Pascal Amblard

Here is an extremely rare opportunity to learn and practice in a large, light-filled, working mural studio, with one of the true masters of this art.

Reservation information here:   Mural Master Class
This class is limited to 8 participants   

Please feel free to contact the studio with questions.

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