17 February 2015

Pascal Amblard- summer painting classes in San Francisco

Quadrattura ceiling design by Pascal Amblard
It is with great excitement that I can announce that I have the honor of hosting my friend the master muralist Pascal Amblard, for a special painting workshop at Lynne Rutter Studio in San Francisco.

Tiepolo-inspired painting by Pascal Amblard
You've read more about Pascal Amblard's work here before, and hopefully bought his amazing book, Painted Homes, which explores the wide variety of his elegant work as a muralist and decorator.

A sought-after mural artist working internationally from his studio in la Haute-Savoie,  Pascal is also well known as a generous and skilled teacher.  I am thrilled to host him in my own mural studio this summer for what we have been calling the "dream class!"

July 10-17, 2017
Seven day Mural Master Class
This course will give those wishing to improve their mural painting skills, an opportunity to work at a grand scale,  learn design, drafting,  and painting techniques for creating large scale works.

A preview of the type of composition we will create together ; the architecture and landscapes are borrowed from Tiepolo's frescoes in Palazzo Labbia, and the figures from his son, Giandomenico. We will use similar elements and come up with our own murals.
Pascal says:"After more than 25 years in this business I am finally organizing a "start from scratch" class.
"It is certainly the most valuable learning situation for students, and the most difficult for a teacher. I will of course prepare this class very carefully, I have already  spent quite a few hours on it~ but on day one, hour one, instead of starting to play a well mapped out part,  I will start improvising with you!   I know in which key we will play and what note to use or to avoid but I will be open to your ideas and suggestions. I will show you how I myself compose, mixing computer and centuries-old techniques.

Pascal Amblard's painted sketch proposal for the Venetian Mural Intensive
We will share and experience together in what is so rarely taught: how do we get from a blank piece of wall to a spectacular, harmonious and desirable mural composition.

"Once the composition is set we will use projectors, possibly some free-hand drawing as well.  Then we will paint, and I will teach you the techniques I have used and refined through hundreds of murals.
As we have a lot of working space, we will do this on a grand scale.  Each person will have room to work comfortably.

"A good mural painter has to know about a few  topics : skies, landscapes / trees, architecture / perspective , figures / draperies , objects / still lives.  Besides composing a large and complex mural, the point of this class is also to cover  all these fields.

"The inspiration for this course is Tiepolo (father and son).
Pascal Amblard with his demonstration mural
I chose them because they were in exactly the same business as we are: dealing with commissions, clients, deadlines, a need for efficiency and precise schedule. The way they paint is beautiful and technically very sound, so, instead of one teacher you will have all of us."

Reservation information here:  Mural Master Class
This class is limited to 8 participants

Here is a rare opportunity to learn and practice in a large, light-filled, working mural studio, with one of the true masters of this art.

Please feel free to contact the studio with questions or for application details.

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