17 February 2014

Sala Verde

Sala Verde - Ceiling Decorations by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio 1540-42

This room I find most inspiring.  The Sala Verde, or Green Room, in the Palazzo Vecchio, takes its name from the landscape murals which previously covered its walls. The room was decorated as part of the private apartments of Elenora of Toledo, and was meant to be like a garden room or a trompe l'oeil loggia.
The wall murals long lost, a simple wash of green on the walls creates a shady atmosphere. I adore this color and I adore the way the ceilings look somehow more contemporary in this more simplified setting.
parrots and other exotic creatures populate the grottesca ceilings by Ghirlandaio
The ceiling grottesca paintings are filled with parrots and other birds (I seem to be noticing parrots wherever I go, perhaps because I am missing my beloved so much.)

photos by Lynne Rutter, Florence, February 2014
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  1. I agree with you that the green is a lovely foil for that rich ceiling. It looks as though it's beautifully matched to the greens of the grottesca.

  2. I am catching up on your posts....I,too love the verde. It does give a contemporary juxtaposition that Europe does so well...mixing old with new.


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