31 March 2013

Paris en Grisaille

"Les Monuments de Paris" mural by Lynne Rutter, photo by David Papas
Recently I got the opportunity to return to a client's home to photograph the mural I painted for them. How exciting to see this room finished!   The magnificent Saarinen table is surrounded with chairs upholstered in the most fantastic blue velvet,  and crowned with a vintage Italian chandelier in crystal and rose brass. The floors have a black cerused oak finish.
The interior design of this gorgeous room is the work of Gary Spain.  The shot was styled by Damian Alvarado and photographed by David Papas.  Of course I assisted in the shoot, mainly by looking through the camera now and then and saying "wow, you guys!"

The mural is painted en grisaille using dozens of shades of warm gray, and is patterned after  Les Monuments de Paris by Josef Dufour. It is painstakingly hand-painted in the style of the early 19th century block-printed scenic wallpapers, or papiers peints panoramiques. Unlike the original paper this mural is painted on canvas, and is quite durable, a necessity in a home with young children. I also added a few Paris monuments not found in the original paper and freely (re)arranged the design to best suit the room.

More about the creation of this mural here.
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  1. Hi, Lynn - I remember when you first posted about this project, and I'm so glad to see the finished result. I like how the trees in the corners anchor the landscape to the room, how the strong horizontal enlarges the space, and I see the graphic quality of the clouds as a very modern element. Beautiful!

  2. The placement of the buildings is perfect with each wall. It is so nice to see the work in it's meant environment. Brava!

  3. Spectacular work dahhling! Simply beautiful.

  4. That is very beautiful and must have been a tough job. The royal blue chairs make it come together perfectly:)

  5. Well done Lynn.I'm a big fan of Grisaille and this is really nicely executed.

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I am pretty proud of this one myself. And seeing the room so beautifully finished is an immense reward.

  7. Wow Lynne I am glad to stop in for a visit as it has been a while. As always when I get here I am never disappointed to discover another gorgeous mural project completed.


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