30 May 2010

Wedded Kiss

Maestro and Empress have tied the knot! As you read this we are on our way to the scenic desert for some warm, moonlit nights.  We look forward to our future which is sure to be filled with love, beauty, and music.  

photo by Karen Johnson

More about the Leviathan in the Baroque Grotto here


Ann said...

Oohh Lynne!


Have the most wonderful trip ever!

(More pics as you can?)

-Ann Onusko

Theresa Cheek said...

such an epic event!!!! Enjoy the desert.

Fauxology said...

Beautiful, elegant, sigh-inducing... Enjoy married life -- it is truly a wonderful journey!

stencil helen said...

Congratulations. I hope that you are both having the most wonderful time.

Erling Wold said...

also, more kisses

thea Holmes said...

double "clink"!


I want to send you both some loosely wrapped ripe gorgonzola in honor of the occasion.
Best wishes,

Marie Vanesse said...

This pic seems to me right from a fairytale !!!
Congratulations, be happy !!!

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