28 June 2008


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This image has been on my mind lately.

detail from the frescoes in Sant'Ignazio Church, Rome
painted by Andrea Pozzo, circa 1698

photo by Lynne Rutter April, 2008


  1. Fantastic detail. That looks like Napoleon looking over America's shoulder, but the timing would be wrong.

  2. Wow! Hi Lynne_

    I am going to gush... thank-you for commenting on my newest project. I admit finding your blog in my noodling around the internet, I was totally inspired by what you do.

    As I get going on this new path in my painting life, may I ask you questions about this process from time-to-time?

    Please leave any pointers that you might freely have to offer_ I would welcome all you have to say!

    Just call me a new fan and thanks again!!



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