02 October 2007

Exciting surpise in Paris

If you are addicted to fine tea, as I am, you might begin to understand the thrill of stumbling upon the rather hip-looking Kusmi boutique at 75 Rue de Seine in Paris, and the massive colorful jars of the precious stuff in the back room.


  1. What a cool snap-pic of Erl. At first, I thought he was in the Cabaret of Dr Cagliostro, but then I realized those must be reliquaries containing bits and pieces of Jesus DNA. Guess not. I still have that tin of Kusmi thé you gave me a while back, but sadly it is nearing empty. Hmm.

  2. you know, come to think of it, those tea canisters are the same shape as the urns they put the hapsburg organs in.


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